Meet The Pippsters

Katie (a.k.a. Pippi)
& Marshall her main man
(little Pip)
(Senior Pippster)
(the original Pippster)

Katie is the owner, manger, shopkeeper & mother at Pippi's.

"When we first started I worked 7 days a week (for about 2 years) until we could hire people. It was totally worth it and now I can work a little less on the floor and be home with my daughter more."
Katie often feels torn between work and motherhood, but the Pippsters help her keep those parts of her life more balanced. Check out Katie's Pippi Sock Mama Blog for more about her adventure in parenthood, socks and business!
Katie's a huge sock lover (duh) and she's very into knee highs but her current favorites are the bright Smartwools for spring and the PB&J crew from Sock it to Me.

Marshall is our behind the scenes man. Always offering support for Katie and he just does anything that needs doing at the shop. As well as being wonderful support at the shop (and at home:) he is a high school English teacher. He occasionally works the floor in the summer or during school holidays. Marshall is totally obsessed with Smartwool socks he has at least one (or more) of every Smartwool sock that Pippi's has ever carried!

Our little-est Pippster has been selling socks since before she could talk. She worked with Mommy at Pippi's until she was about 21 months and could no longer be contained!

Rowan still comes to work at the shop now and then and she loves "helping" with the daily chores. Rowan often requests: "let's swing by Pippi's" so she can say hi to the girls and play with Pippi's toys. Rowan's loves sock animal socks and Mommy loves to dress her in tights!

Nicole loves crazy crew socks! Some of her favorite brands are; SockSmith & Habitat.

"I like stripes; spots; and themes like Halloween, space and food.
My socks never match but they always coordinate!
I encourage people to break out of their comfort zone with colors and motifs. I also have an affinity for tights & leggings; bold colors and delightful prints.
You'll almost always see me with a smile, and I love helping people find exactly what they need to complete a look.
When I'm not at the sock shop you can find me at the coffee house, or in my kitchen baking up tasty treats!"

Elyse is our footless tight girl. She is always wearing some cute tights and showing off her pretty painted toes (they are wild make sure to take a peek!)
Besides loving the tights and footless tights at Pippi's Elyse also loves Latico handbags and wallets!

Elyse is a Jill of all trades, besides being a Pippster and painting a lot of our windows at the shop, she also works at the local Brewery and is a substitute teacher.


Rachael is our newest Pippster and she is sweet as can be. Always helpful and super friendly she will definitely make you smile.

Bryna is Katie's younger sister and a huge fan of crazy socks as well as tights, hats and glasses

. She was the first person to work at Pippi's besides Katie and Marshall.
Bryna is a seasonal Pippster right now as she is away at school perusing her dreams of writing and acting. (She is a totally amazing writer and actor so keep your eyes open for this one!)

Bryna loves knee socks tights and crews but one of her best sock outfits highlights the Blue K-Bell Fish socks (they look like they are eating your legs) with blue tights and a cute dress.